Glean Account Admins - Overview

Institutional Glean accounts are managed by designated account administrators.

Account admin overview

An account must always have at least one admin.
Typically, the initial account admin will be the person who works with us to set up your institution's Glean account.

Admins must be users in your Glean account: it's not possible to add an admin who is not a user in the account.
Technically there's no limit to the number of users within your plan that can be assigned the admin role.

Admin users do not occupy a seat on your Glean plan
E.g. If you have a 50 seat subscription and 3 admins, you'll have 50 seats available to assign to users.

Admin role & permissions

Account Admins have full access to both Glean Admin and the Glean app (web and mobile).

There is only one admin role - all admins have the same permissions in Glean Admin.
This includes the option to invite and manage other account admins (see below).

Account admins are identified with the"Admin" badge in your user list:

Want to add more admins to your Glean account?
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Need to manage admin roles in your account:

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