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Right now, Glean Admin is basic but functional.
Most of our efforts have been going into making Glean itself a super useful and intuitive tool for our users.

But we've not forgotten about the people working behind the scenes to make the magic happen ⚡

Your feedback and ideas are critical! 💡
Let us know how we can make administering Glean as easy as possible for you.

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Glean Admin Updates

Last updated: Oct 1st 2020

There are lots of improvements on our roadmap for Glean Admin... and we prioritize changes based on feedback from our Admin users.

Recently added:

  • Add / remove additional admins
    Invite colleagues to help manage users in Glean Admin.
  • Expire signed up users
    Free up invites in your Glean account by expiring users who have left your institution, or stopped using Glean.
  • Reactivate an expired user ✅ 
    Restore access to a user whose access has expired.
  • Glean Admin homepage
    Step 1 of a mini-makeover for Glean Admin! See at a glance how many invites you have remaining:

Future updates

It's difficult to say exactly when new functionality will be made available (without getting in trouble with our boss 😱), but here's a list of things we hope to add to Glean Admin in the next few months.
We'll tick them off as we complete them!

Coming up next:

  • Keep a record of all withdrawn / expired invites
    This update will ensure you have an "audit trail" of all users invited to use Glean within your institution.

Further ahead:

  • Automatically archive expired invites
    Invites that have expired (i.e. the invited user has not signed up within 30 days) will be archived.
  • Bulk actions
    Instead of updating each user manually, select multiple users to process at once. E.g. Select 20 users who have now graduated and expire access for all of them in one go.
  • <Insert Your idea here>!
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