The Events Page

The first page you see when you sign into Glean is your Events Page. All your Events are available through this page:

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Event Page Overview

On this page you'll see all your Events listed. You can click an Event to open it ( #1). Or click the three dots to the right of the event to delete it (#2).

New Event

Click the New Event Button to start a new recording

Cloud Status

The Cloud icon in the top right lets you know if you're on-line or off-line and whether Glean is in the process of uploading your Events to the cloud.

For more information see here


By default your Events are listed by the date they were created; you can click the headings to sort by the Event Name, or Created to change the sort order.


You can group your Events together into Collections. This will help you keep everything organised. 

For more information see here


All the tasks that you have added to your Events can be tracked and managed here. For more Information see here.


You can search for a specific Event, Collection and any of the text that you have added to any of your Events.

Just start typing in the search box, and you'll see the matches below. Selecting a text note will open the relevant Event and take you straight to the correct place in your feed.

(Glean also remembers your past searches so you can quickly get back to your key moments).

If you have access to transcription, then search will also find matches there.

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