Use Task Cards to keep track of the things you need to complete. Add due dates to help keep track of tasks, and mark as complete when you've finished.

The Task List (accessed from the home screen) helps you to prioritise your work and add structure to your study sessions.

Creating Tasks
View and Manage Tasks
Tip - You can also Group relevant information (including Tasks) together in Groups, see here for more detail: Card Groups

Get in touch - This is just the beginning of Tasks in Glean. If there's something you'd like us to add then please get in touch at support@glean.co

Creating Tasks

To create a Task, use the Task button:

  1. Click the Task button
  2. Add a brief description of your task
  3. Add a Due date (optional)
  4. Press Enter to post to your feed

Your Task will appear in your Feed like your other labels. You can use the check box to mark a task a complete.

Tip - You can also use the shortcut ALT+T to add a task, or the quick action /t

Did you know? You can quickly convert an existing note into a task (and vice versa):

  1. Hover over the note you want to convert
  2. Cick the three dot menu
  3. Select 'Convert to task'

View and Manage Tasks
You can access all your tasks from the home screen by opening the Task List; simply click on ‘Tasks’ in the sidebar.

From here, you can view all your outstanding tasks, sort by name, creation date, or due date, and mark them as complete. If you click on a Task you'll be taken to the Glean Event with focus on your task in your feed.

If you accidentally mark something as complete, don’t panic! You can undo do this by opening your completed tasks and unticking the task:

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