Working online & offline

Glean is an online tool, but it works offline too*

This was critical to the design of Glean - we know nobody wants their note taking to be dependent on Wi-Fi! 

There’s no need to worry about a flakey internet connection when making or editing your notes - Glean is constantly saving your work locally whether you are online or offline.

You need to be online to log in to Glean.

Once you are signed in, you can launch and make full use of Glean, whether or not you have an internet connection. If you are likely to be using Glean where you have limited internet access, we recommend you stay signed in.

Glean keeps you signed in

Glean keeps you signed in for 30 days unless you manually sign out.

* Some of the features that we've added to Glean will require an internet connection. You will need an internet connection to:

How your Events are saved:

When you're online:

Your Events are continuously saved locally on your device, and automatically uploaded to Glean’s cloud storage. Any changes you make to your Events are synced to the cloud, so you can access the latest version of your Events from anywhere.

There are no fiddly settings, and no additional cloud storage services required - your Glean account includes free, unlimited cloud storage. 

When you're offline:

Any changes you make are saved locally on your device. 

There’s no need to worry if you are recording in a WiFi blackspot, or if you lose connection part way through. Your Events are kept safe and sound on your computer. You can close Glean, shut down your browsing session, turn off your computer, and carry on with your day. 

Your Events will be uploaded to the cloud the next time your device connects to the internet. 

N.B. You need to have an internet connection and have Glean open for cloud sync to complete. 

Top tips for ensuring your Events sync to the cloud

We strongly recommend you avoid the following (especially when your Events cannot be synced to the cloud):

💻  Don't lose your device! Leave your laptop on the bus and any unsynced Events will be lost with it.

🙈  Don't use Glean in a private browsing mode (such as Incognito Mode in Chrome) - read more about why this is a big no no

🚯  Don't clear site data from your browser's settings until your Events have been synced to the cloud. Learn more.

Cloud sync status

The cloud icon in Glean's header bar displays information on your internet connectivity and cloud sync status. You will see one of the following icons:

Upload Complete icon in Glean's header bar. Icon is a cloud outline with a tick inside. Upload Complete
All changes have been saved and synced to the cloud.
Upload in Progress icon in Glean's header bar. Icon is a cloud outline with an upward facing arrow inside. Upload in Progress
Cloud upload is currently in progress.
Offline icon in Glean's header bar. Icon is a cloud outline with a diagonal strike-through. Offline
You are offline - your Events will be synced to the cloud when you next connect to the internet. 
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