What happens when my institution access ends?

N.B. This article does not apply if you have your own personal subscription to Glean, e.g. a Glean Pay Monthly plan in your own name.

If you are unsure, find your Plan or Provider details under your Account in Glean.

Glean access provided by an institution

If Glean is provided to you by your university, college, or other organization, the Glean administrator at your institution controls your access.

You can check your scheduled expiration date on the Provider tab of your Account.

What happens when your institution-provided access ends?

When your institution removes your access, you will not immediately lose access to your Events in Glean.

Your account goes through multiple stages before any content is locked or deleted.

Here's an overview of what to expect:

Stage 1: Edit-Only Access
(for 90 days after expiration)

👎 You won't be able to create new Events or record audio.

👍 You'll still be able to do everything else - review, edit or copy your existing notes.

Stage 2: Account Deactivated
(91 days - 12 months after expiration)

😴 Your account takes a snooze.

👎 You won't be able to view any of your Events in Glean.

👍 Your Event data is securely stored in the cloud.

🤩 You can reactivate your account at any time. 

After 12 months of inactivity, your account will be marked for deletion. Learn more about expiration stages & account deletion.

Want to continue using Glean?

Option 1: Contact your administrator ✨try this first!

Still at the institution and want to continue using Glean?

Speak to your Glean admin about renewing your access!

It's important to let your admin know that you're using Glean and want to keep access.
We can't guarantee that your institution will continue to provide Glean, but it's definitely the best place to start!

Not sure who the admin is? Find the contact email for your institution's account admin on the Provider tab of your Account.

Option 2: Get your own access

If you're graduating or moving on from the institution which provided your access, you can switch to an individual Glean plan, keeping all of your existing Events and notes intact.

Once your institution access has expired, you'll have the option to  switch to a personal plan from your Account in Glean:

  1. Open the Account menu (top right).
  2. Click Plan Details:

3. Click Switch to a Personal Plan.

This will launch our secure checkout, where you can set up a monthly Glean subscription.

Account summary with 'Switch to a personal plan' button

Is your Glean account registered to an institutional email address that you will lose access to?

Make sure to update your email address before you lose access to that email. There's help on doing that here: https://help.glean.co/article/141-can-i-change-my-sign-in-email


Before your access ends:

We'll let you know 7 days before your access is due to expire, so you can plan your next steps

In-app notification:

You'll see a banner displayed in Glean, reminding you of your expiration date:


After your access ends:

In-app notification:

Once your access has ended, a banner is displayed showing the duration of your edit-only access.

Email notifications:

We will attempt to contact you by email to notify you of any changes to your access during offboarding.

Don't lose access to your Glean account

If you change your email address, or lose access to the email registered to your account, you may not be able to recover your Glean account and Events.

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