Glean Mobile - Overview

Glean is available on your Android and iOS devices. You can download the 'Glean Notes' app from the Google Play store or Apple's app store.

Use the Glean mobile app for in-person recording, and for reviewing your Events.

Use the articles below to find out what you can do with the Glean mobile app.

  1. Getting Started
    1. Step 1 - Create your Event
    2. Step 2 - Add Headings
    3. Step 3 - Use Labels
    4. Step 4 - Add Text
  2. The Events Tab
    1. Cloud Sync
    2. Managing device storage
    3. Collections
    4. Demo Event
  3. Recording Audio
  4. Slides
  5. Labels
  6. Images
  7. Tasks
  8. Card Groups
  9. Playback
  10. Audio Options
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